History of SCAPPA                        

1984:    Initial association formed. Association was called Alcohol and Drug Primary Prevention Professionals of South Carolina.- Association agrees to credential Prevention Specialist

1985:    Credentialing Committee formed by AADPPP of SC- Developed prevention critical functions- Developed prevention credentialing written test

1986:    Prevention written test piloted (January 1986)- Prevention credentialing study guide developed- Grandfathering process completed (October 1986)- Association sponsors Group Facilitation Skills" training (July)- Association sponsors "Marketing Skills" training (October)

1987:     Credentialing process in place (January)- Two Prevention Specialists were appointed top the SCADDA Credentialing Board- Association sponsors "Planning Skills" training (November)- Credentialing Peer Review Committee is active

1990:    Association goes dormant

1992:    Group of Prevention Specialists creates a committee to explore reactivating association- Revised By-Laws and association name- Elected new association board

1993:    Acquires 501-C-3 status- Association sponsors "Volunteer Recruitment" training

1994:    Association sponsors "Grant Writing" and "Stress Management" training

1995:    Association sponsors "Prevention Evaluation" training

1996:    SCAPPA assumes responsibility for certifying Prevention Professionals- Prevention Certification Task Force is created to develop new certification standards for Prevention Professionals- SCAPPA Certification Board is accepted as Prevention Member Board of the IC & RC (International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium/Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse- Association sponsors "Advanced and Expanded Prevention Evaluation "training

1997:    SCAPPA Certification Board "Grandfathers" first Certified Prevention Professionals and Certified Senior Prevention Professionals (93 Prevention Professionals are certified) and implements certification process for Prevention Professionals- Certification Board establishes formal committees: Certification Peer Review Committee and Certification Training Review Committee- SCAPPA sponsors "Story Telling/Play Therapy" training- SCAPPA sponsors "Prevention Institute-Prevention 201" at the South Carolina School for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies- SCAPPA sponsors "Working With People ...Group Facilitation" training

1998:    SCAPPA sponsors "Prevention in Carolina" conference (Training offered in Professional Ethics and Program evaluation) (October) -SCAPPA joins the South Carolina Tobacco Settlement Consensus workgroup -SCAPPA sponsors "Celebrating Prevention" workshop (December) -SCAPPA Certification Board develops "SCAPPA Mentor Program Guidelines"

1999:    SCAPPA sponsors "Media Literacy" conference (June)

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