SCAPPA Board of Directors


Brandi Simmons, President
Ashley Bodiford, Vice President 
Meagan Ard, Secretary
Lakesha Fields, Treasurer 

Regional Representatives

Joe Pinilla, Region 1 Representative
LaNisha Stover, Region 2 Representative 
Caroline Grant, Region 3 Representative 
Leah Reason, Region 4 Representative 

Members at Large

Robin Mixon
Jessie Marlowe 
Alexis Williams 
Vacant Position

Organizational Representatives

Laurie Fallaw, BHSA Representative
Michele Nienhius, DAODAS Representative
Wehme Hutto, Certification Commission Representative 
Debee Early, Past President 


Nate Myers, Co-Chair of Professional Development 
Jeff McAninch, Co-Chair of Professional Development   
Ashley Bodiford, Co-Chair of Communication and Sustainability 
Joe Pinilla, Co-Chair of Communication and Sustainability 


Jaimie Giddens

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